Edna Gatza - International Competence Consulting, Executive Coaching & Management Training

Stability on the one hand and flexibility on the other are the extraordinary properties of the bamboo plant. These qualities come to bear in response to the situation. Likewise international collaboration requires steadfastness and self-confidence and an open mind towards the new followed by behaviour appropriate to the intercultural context. Only in this way will the outcomes be beneficial for all concerned.

With my twenty-five years experience overseas, extensive intercultural expertise and professional competence I support clients working in the international arena to optimise their demanding global business relations and activities. Success is achieved with a wide variety of methods in qualified coaching, consulting and training.

What I offer to managers and executives in English and/or German:

Edna Gatza


Edna Gatza M.A. / UK

Clever Str.37
D - 50668 Cologne


Mobile: +49 152 0153 1067
E-Mail: info@gatza.de

Coaching & Consulting

  • Transition & Performance: Taking a leadership role, particularly in new
    assignments with international responsibilities and tasks at home and abroad
  • Relationship and conflict management
  • Sparring partnership in corporate and personal changes
  • Professional reorientation and career development
  • Pre-departure consulting for short and long term overseas assignments, particularly UK, China, and Portugal


  • International Management: Business practices in culturally mixed teams and with international business partners at home and abroad
  • International project management and team development
  • Group facilitation in an international context
  • Customer Relations Management, particularly China, UK and Portugal